Thursday, September 15, 2011

I can't breath

So I've been through quite a bit I'm the last two years. I've been dealing with a messy divorce. I was laid off and out of work for months. Plus dealing with my daughter that is bipolar.

Now I've know she was bipolar since she was seven. Have always dealt with meds and regular doctor visits. It all got much more intense about 2 years . Since that time she has had numerous suicide attempts. Cutting her wrist, ODing on Tylenol, drinking cleaner, etc. Plus all the times she has on her own said she needs to be hospitalized cause she was going to harm herself.

As a result she has been put in a mental facility for children more times than I can remember. She has been put in specialized school programs for kids like her. She even spent four months in a residential facility.

As always they send her home. She is not stable enough, even though I begged that they find a different solution. Then came the day she hit her 4 year old sister. She claimed it was an accident. Of course what else would she say?

This got her a room in a teen homeless shelter cause they really don't have a solution for what to do with her. It has been recommended that she go into foster care. Even that is not working out right now.

She is frustrated. I get it. I know it. She is fighting with staff at her school. Staff at the shelter. They have pointed out to her that since she can't seem to get along with anyone, may be it's her and not the rest of the world.

She is pissed and trying anything to get my attention. She is constantly lying. She has gone way to far this time. She is making accusation against her brother that I know are not true. Because the nature of the accusation, everyone involved is required to now involve child services.

This whole situations is wrong. The system is failing. I can't stop crying. Can't breath.

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  1. I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult period and I do hope your daughter gets the help she needs.

  2. You have my sincere sympathies. Everyone is pulling for you.

    Most likely she'll grow out of it, & you both can have a laugh about it in a few years.