Sunday, April 3, 2011

Facts about me

This was originally a meme on Twitter. There was no way I was going to spam everyone with this or easily come up with 100 facts about myself. It has become a growing and evolving list, yet still only came up with about 53 things.

1) Usually told I look about 10 years younger than I actually am
2) I have a daughter that is bipolar
3) I'm happier living away from the majority of my family.
4) I was 30 before my father ever said he was proud of me
5) My father has never told me I was pretty/ beautiful.
6) I try to tell my girls how beautiful they are every chance I get.
7) I've lived in 4 states, all ending in the letter A.
8) I went to 4 different colleges over 12 years before getting my finally getting my Bachelors.
9) I'm an Atheist
10) I have 3 kids
11) I hate my legal first name. Never use it. Someday I'll probably legally change it.
12) I hate when people call me Vero as a nickname. Always prefer V. Or E, but that's a long story.
13) Favorite color is purple
14) My parents separated when I was 8 but didn't divorce until 20 years later.
15) People seem underestimate my intelligence. Seems it maybe cause of how much I giggle & act silly.
16) I'm vegan.
17) I never know which diversity box to pick. I'm of Spanish decent but not from a Latin American country so it never fits neatly in any box.
18) With my kids we can check almost every diversity box except African American
19) I went to a performing arts high school yet haven't played an instrument, done any acting or dance in years.
20) Most of my recognition/achievement in high school was related to math.
21) At one point I was kicked out of my algebra 2 class on a daily basis and sent to my counselors office
22) My senior year I was assigned to independent study for math.
23) I'm allergic to milk, eggs, sulphates, every grass imaginable, magnolias, cats, dogs, latex & nylon.
24) I've had both cats & dogs growing up and as an adult.
25) I speak Spanish fluently.
English is not my first language
26) I learned Spanish & English at the same time.
27) I think writing is my weakest skill
28) I love alternative music
29) My favorite band is blink 182
30) I've seen the live at least 20 times
31) If I had to choose a theme song it would most likely be "what's my age again?"
32) Love classical & horror movie's
33) My favorite movie's would be a toss up between "Breakfast at Tiffany's" & "The Exorcist".
34) I love to paint & scrapbook but rarely feel like I have the time to
35) Some days I wish I could have live in the 20's to 40's era
36) I have a younger sister
37) I was rarely spanked as a child. Never by my parents
38) Between the ages of 13-15 I only wore blue, gold or black lipstick.
39) During that same time my head was usually partially shaved & many different colors.
40) I'm registered as an independent
41) I lean towards being libertarian
42) Most of my jobs have been office jobs
43) I did once work as a make-up artist.
44) Absolutely hate mango's
45) Detest dill
46) I love the rain
47) I'm a Leo
48) Most the cars I have own are 5-speeds
49) My favorite color for cars is silver
50) I want to retire on one of the coasts so I can walk on the beach whenever I want
51) I first was vegetarian at 17
52) I'm about 5'8' - 5'9"
53) I was born in East L.A.

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