Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ever get the feeling it's time to reorganize or reinvent yourself? I have been feeling out of sorts all week with out really being sure as to why. Now I'm thinking I need to make some changes. Clear the shelves and start fresh.

I need to go back to eating more of raw diet, I feel more energized when I do. I need to remember to drink more water. Plan on starting couch to 5K on Monday. Longer term I need to figure out how to get back to dancing, I miss it.

I need to cleanse my house & reorganize. Put away wedding pictures, collect what remains of my ex's belongs and return them, throw away old love notes.

I need to get back to writing more, especially on vegan topics. I want to get back to practicing French.

I have a lot of things and goals I want to do, so I must reorganize in order to make it happen and stop feeling so anxious about it all.

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  1. You have posted this in July, I wanted to ask if you did these things and if you feel better. ;)
    Like you, I miss dancing, I have take lots of classes since I was a child until I was about 17, God I miss it so much. I would like to go back to taking dancing lessons.

    I took a few more ballet lessons last year and this year but I wasn't persistent enough.