Saturday, January 30, 2010

Every good thing

I drive by several churches on my way to work. One in particular posts a new phrase every few days. Yesterday I noticed a new phrase up "Every good thing you have ever enjoyed is made possible by god".

Well I had to laugh thinking about this. Thinking about the things I have in my life that I enjoy and am grateful for have nothing to do with an imaginary being. I feel truly sorry for the delusional sheeple that buy into this and then hand over their hard earned money to continually perpetuate this lie.

Things I'm grateful for are my kids. My kids were created as a biological process of me having sexual intercourse with my husband. No intervention of god there. I'm grateful for the nice home that my husband and I have been able to provide for our kids. That is a result of us both having good jobs and working hard. No imaginary being there. Having a good job is a result of me spending years earning my degree. Again, no intervention there. I could go on and on but I won't.

Overall the point being that every good thing I enjoy in life I can attribute to something that I have done, worked for or someone in my life has been able to provide. There is no divine intervention. The poor and uneducated are continually being lead to believe otherwise. Poor, poor sheeple.


  1. All the cool guys think that, "Hard work is cool." Good for you. And "i" should be capitalized, you deserve it. Good luck.

    Heart Kriss

  2. Thanks Kriss. All fixed, user error. ;-D

  3. Not only would Christians have us believe that all good things are given to us through the will of God, but they also include the 'get-out' that God also gives us free will, so we can be held responsible for all the shit that comes our way.

    For a moment, let's just go along with all that. All bad things that happen to us are our own fault, so presumably good results from things we choose to do are down to us as well.

    As for other stuff: everything that's 'random' and everything that happens that nobody else causes must be down to God: so our good and bad fortune is down to the blessings and curses that He lays on us (because apparently God is all powerful, and does nothing by accident.)

    My response to all that is: What a bastard! The disasters that befall this world are all down to his whim? Babies dying before they've had a chance of life is through his choice? Every incurable disease is God's idea?

    Like most, I try to do more good to other people than I do harm. So from my hand, the world receives more blessings than curses; I think you can say that about most people in this world, though obviously NOT about God.

    So by the measure of Christians themselves, as a people, we're much nicer guys than their God is.

    I Don't know about praising him; if he did exist, I think I'd shun him.

    Love your blog Veronika. Keep it up.